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Are you a music enthusiast who values privacy and wants to enjoy your favorite tunes without disturbing others? Closed-back headphones might be the perfect solution for you. With their immersive sound quality and excellent noise isolation, these headphones provide an incredible listening experience. In this article, we will explore the world of closed-back headphones, their benefits, and some of the best options available in the market. So, put on your favorite music and let’s dive in!

I’ve consider the price, quality, features, and overall performance, when narrowing down the best neckband options for you. Also check out my picks for the best headphoneson-ear wireless headphonestrue wireless earbudson-ear headphoneswired headphones & best earbuds and in-ear headphones.

So, let’s dive in and find the perfect pair for you.

The Best Closed Back Headphones you can buy in 2023.

Discover the Best Closed Back Headphones with our detailed buying guide, including pros and cons, as well as an FAQ section. For additional information and updated pricing on the mentioned products, be sure to check the Amazon Product links provided with each product.

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1. Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless

Best Closed Back Headphones 2022: Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless
Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless


The Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless headphones are an impressive upgrade to their predecessor, the WH-1000XM3. Priced competitively, these headphones offer a host of advanced features, including multipoint connectivity and speak-to-chat functionality. The design remains sleek and similar to the previous model, but inside, there are notable enhancements. With Bluetooth multipoint, you can conveniently connect to two devices simultaneously, making it seamless to switch between tasks. The headphones boast an exceptional battery life, impressive noise-canceling capabilities, and high-quality sound performance. Overall, the Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless headphones offer a top-tier audio experience with added convenience.

The Bluetooth multipoint connectivity allows for seamless switching between devices, enhancing everyday usability. With the Sony Headphones Connect app, you can access additional features like the speak-to-chat functionality, which automatically pauses your music when you speak. While this feature can be sensitive at times, it adds a unique touch to the overall user experience. The headphones retain a similar design to their predecessors but come with subtle tweaks. The combination of advanced features and a comfortable design makes the WH-1000XM4 a compelling choice for anyone seeking a premium audio experience.

Who should buy Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless?

The Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless headphones are recommended for those who value outstanding noise cancellation, superior sound quality, and convenience in their daily audio needs. Commuters and frequent travelers will appreciate the long battery life and excellent noise-canceling capabilities, allowing for an immersive audio experience even in noisy environments. The multipoint connectivity feature makes it easy to switch between devices, catering to individuals who use multiple devices simultaneously.

Reasons to Buy

  • Excellent noise cancellation
  • Multipoint pairing
  • Sleek design
  • Long battery life
  • Superior sound quality

Reasons to Avoid

  • Sensitive speak-to-chat feature
  • Not water-resistant
  • Delay when using dual device connectivity

2. Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO

Best Closed Back Headphones 2022: Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO
Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO


The Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO is a professional-grade closed-back studio headphone that offers exceptional audio quality and comfort. With its sturdy construction and durable materials, this headphone is built to withstand extensive use. The DT 770 PRO is available in different impedance options, catering to various audio setups and preferences. Its price range falls in the mid-to-high range, reflecting the premium build and performance. With a frequency response of 5Hz to 35kHz and high sound pressure level capability, these headphones deliver accurate and detailed sound reproduction, making them a popular choice among audio professionals and enthusiasts.

When it comes to features, design, and performance, the Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO excels in all aspects. The closed-back design provides excellent noise isolation, allowing for an immersive listening experience by minimizing external interference. The circumaural ear cups are generously padded, providing long-lasting comfort even during extended listening sessions. The headphones feature a robust headband and adjustable ear cups, ensuring a secure and personalized fit. The DT 770 PRO is known for its accurate and balanced sound signature, making it suitable for critical listening, studio monitoring, and music production. Its high-quality drivers deliver detailed and precise audio reproduction across the entire frequency spectrum.

Who should buy Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO?

The Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO is highly recommended for audio professionals, music producers, and enthusiasts who prioritize accurate sound reproduction and comfort. The closed-back design and excellent noise isolation make these headphones ideal for critical listening, as they minimize background noise and external distractions. The durable construction ensures long-term reliability, making them suitable for professionals who require headphones that can withstand rigorous use. Additionally, the balanced sound signature and wide frequency response range make the DT 770 PRO suitable for a variety of applications, including mixing, mastering, and general music enjoyment.

Reasons to Buy

  • Accurate and detailed sound
  • Excellent noise isolation
  • Comfortable for long listening sessions
  • Durable construction
  • Versatile for professional and casual use

Reasons to Avoid

  • Bulky design
  • Limited portability
  • Non-detachable cable

3. Sennheiser HD820

Best Closed Back Headphones 2022: Sennheiser HD820
Sennheiser HD820


The Sennheiser HD820 is a flagship closed-back headphone that aims to deliver exceptional sound quality and an immersive listening experience. Built upon the success of the HD800 S, the HD820 features the same audio driver and structural design but with a closed-back enclosure. Priced at $2,399.95, these headphones are positioned as a premium offering in the market. With a frequency response of 6 Hz to 48 kHz and an impedance of 300 Ohms, the HD820 offers a wide range of audio reproduction and is suitable for audiophiles and music enthusiasts seeking high-fidelity sound.

The HD820 boasts excellent design and build quality, with a distinctive look that sets it apart from other headphones. The closed-back design helps to isolate the sound and minimize external noise interference, creating a more immersive listening experience. The headphones feature a 56mm Ring Radiator driver, which delivers precise imaging and a wide soundstage. The comfort level is superb, thanks to the carefully-shaped ear cups and well-judged clamping pressure. The HD820 also comes with multiple connectivity options, including a 6.35mm and 4.4mm pentaconn source jack.

Who should buy Sennheiser HD820?

The Sennheiser HD820 is recommended for audio enthusiasts and professionals who prioritize both sound quality and isolation. The closed-back design allows for a more focused and detailed sound reproduction, while the high-quality driver ensures excellent imaging and soundstage. The headphones are suitable for critical listening, studio monitoring, and enjoying high-resolution music. However, due to the high price point, they may not be accessible to everyone, and individuals with specific sound preferences should consider auditioning them before making a purchase.

Reasons to Buy

  • Robust, full-bodied, and detailed sound
  • Powerful and agile bass
  • Solid build quality
  • Cleverly engineered closed-back design
  • Superb treble extension and imaging capabilities

Reasons to Avoid

  • Huge price jump compared to other models
  • Bass presence depends on the seal and may require experimentation
  • Lack of macrodynamic punch and slam

4. AKG K371

Best Closed Back Headphones 2022: AKG K371
AKG K371


The AKG K371 wired headphones are a compelling choice for audio enthusiasts, offering quality sound and an assertive, bassy flavor. With a frequency response of 5Hz to 40kHz, substantial 50mm drivers, and a weight of just 255g, these headphones deliver an immersive listening experience at a reasonable price. The lightweight and compact design, along with the choice of three different wires and a 6.3mm adapter, add to the convenience and versatility of the K371.

The AKG K371 headphones boast impressive build quality, with scratch-resistant materials and a comfortable fit. The closed-back design ensures that sound remains focused on the listener’s ears, avoiding unnecessary audio spillover. The ear cups provide a snug fit, although some users may experience slight pressure during extended listening sessions. With 180 degrees of rotation, the ear cups allow for easy adjustment and cater to DJs and sound mixers. Overall, the K371 deliver a big, broad sound with excellent detail, making them a reliable choice for audio professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Who should buy AKG K371?

The AKG K371 headphones are recommended for audio engineers and podcasters due to their pleasant sound, portable design, and extreme comfort. The consistent midrange response produced by the 50mm dynamic drivers makes them ideal for mixing and editing sessions. Additionally, the K371’s sturdy construction and DJ-friendly features make them a suitable choice for DJs and sound mixers who require flexibility and durability in their headphones.

Reasons to Buy

  • Weighty, prevalent bass
  • Good sound detail
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Comfortable fit
  • Impressive audio performance

Reasons to Avoid

  • Faces strong competition at this price
  • Bass could be more precise
  • Limited extra features

5. Anker Soundcore Life Q30 Wireless

Best Closed Back Headphones 2022: Anker Soundcore Life Q30 Wireless
Anker Soundcore Life Q30 Wireless


The Anker Soundcore Life Q30 Wireless headphones are an affordable option for those seeking a versatile and feature-rich audio experience. With a sleek design and a black satin finish, these headphones offer a simple yet refined look. They are also available in ‘Midnight Blue’ and ‘Sakura Pink’ for those who prefer a more colorful style. Priced at an attractive range, these over-ear headphones weigh just 0.58 lbs and provide a comfortable fit without excessive clamping force. The Life Q30 headphones are compatible with various devices and offer easy-to-use controls for volume adjustment, play/pause, and three noise-canceling settings. Overall, they offer an excellent blend of style, affordability, and functionality.

The Anker Soundcore Life Q30 headphones boast a range of impressive features that enhance the audio experience. With a touch-sensitive surface on the right ear cup and physical buttons on both ear cups, controlling your music, adjusting volume, and toggling between noise-canceling modes is a breeze. The headphones offer three noise-canceling settings: ‘ANC’ for active noise cancellation, ‘Transparency’ for situational awareness while listening to audio, and ‘Normal’ for an off mode. Additionally, the Q30 headphones provide good feedback with clicky buttons and voice prompts for the different ANC settings. They also feature excellent temperature control, preventing discomfort caused by heat build-up during extended use.

Who should buy Anker Soundcore Life Q30 Wireless?

The Anker Soundcore Life Q30 Wireless headphones are recommended for individuals looking for an affordable audio solution without compromising on performance. With their versatile design and customizable sound options, these headphones cater to music enthusiasts, commuters, and frequent travelers alike. The Life Q30’s active noise cancellation capability allows users to immerse themselves in their favorite music or podcasts while effectively blocking out external distractions. The comfortable fit and lightweight design make them suitable for extended listening sessions. Whether you’re a budget-conscious user or a casual listener, the Anker Soundcore Life Q30 headphones deliver impressive features and performance at a competitive price point.

Reasons to Buy

  • Affordable price
  • Versatile noise-canceling options
  • Comfortable fit
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Sleek and refined design

Reasons to Avoid

  1. Thin headband padding
  2. Sub-par breathability
  3. Mediocre portability

6. Drop X DCA Aeon X Closed

Best Closed Back Headphones 2022: Drop X DCA Aeon X Closed
Drop X DCA Aeon X Closed


The Drop X DCA Aeon X Closed headphones are a remarkable addition to the audio market. These closed-back, over-ear headphones boast a planar-magnetic transducer principle, offering a frequency response range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. With a lightweight design featuring a NiTinol headband, plastic frame with a carbon fiber insert, and protein leather pads with foam lining, these headphones provide both comfort and durability. Priced competitively, they offer an excellent audio experience without breaking the bank.

The Drop X DCA Aeon X Closed headphones impress with their standout features, design, and performance. The use of novel metamaterials and root technologies developed over the years contribute to the headphones’ exceptional sound quality. These headphones provide a wide soundstage, a warm audio signature, and a comfortable fit, making them ideal for extended listening sessions. The lightweight construction and adjustable headband ensure a secure and personalized fit. Additionally, the Aeon Closed X headphones offer decent passive isolation, although there is minor sound leakage.

Who should buy Drop X DCA Aeon X Closed?

The Drop X DCA Aeon X Closed headphones are recommended for music enthusiasts, audiophiles, and professionals who value high-quality audio and comfort. With their wide soundstage and warm audio signature, these headphones excel in delivering an immersive listening experience. Whether you’re enjoying your favorite music genres or seeking accurate sound reproduction for professional applications, these headphones won’t disappoint. Their lightweight design and adjustable headband contribute to long-term comfort, making them suitable for extended use.

Reasons to Buy

  • Wide soundstage
  • Warm audio signature
  • Lightweight construction
  • Comfortable fit
  • Competitive pricing

Reasons to Avoid

  • Minor sound leakage
  • Average clamping force
  • Limited passive isolation

7. Meze 99 Classics

Best Closed Back Headphones 2022: Meze 99 Classics
Meze 99 Classics


The Meze 99 Classics headphones are a premium audio product that combines exceptional sound quality with a timeless design. These over-ear headphones are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, featuring real wood ear cups that add a touch of elegance. With a frequency response range of 15 Hz to 25 kHz, these headphones deliver a rich and immersive audio experience. Priced competitively, the Meze 99 Classics offer a high-end audio solution for music enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The Meze 99 Classics headphones boast a range of impressive features that contribute to their outstanding performance. Equipped with 40mm dynamic drivers, these headphones reproduce audio with incredible clarity and accuracy. The closed-back design provides excellent noise isolation, allowing you to enjoy your music without distractions. The ergonomic ear cups and soft, breathable ear pads ensure a comfortable fit, making them suitable for extended listening sessions. The detachable Kevlar OFC cable adds convenience and durability to the overall design.

Who should buy Meze 99 Classics?

The Meze 99 Classics headphones are recommended for audiophiles, music lovers, and professionals who demand premium sound quality and a stylish design. These headphones excel in reproducing a wide range of music genres with exceptional clarity and precision. Whether you’re an avid listener, a studio engineer, or a DJ, the Meze 99 Classics offer an immersive audio experience that will elevate your music enjoyment. The combination of their premium build, comfortable fit, and accurate sound reproduction makes them a top choice for discerning listeners.

Reasons to Buy

  • Rich and immersive sound
  • Timeless and elegant design
  • Excellent noise isolation
  • Comfortable for extended use
  • Detachable and durable cable

Reasons to Avoid

  • Limited soundstage
  • Non-foldable design
  • Relatively higher price

Best Closed Back Headphones Buying Guide 2023.

Benefits of Closed-Back Headphones

Closed-back headphones offer several advantages that make them a popular choice among audio enthusiasts:

  • Noise Isolation: The closed design of these headphones blocks out external noise, allowing you to enjoy your music without distractions. Whether you’re on a noisy commute or in a bustling office, closed-back headphones create a personal sound bubble.
  • Enhanced Bass Response: The sealed ear cups prevent sound leakage, resulting in a more powerful and impactful bass response. This makes closed-back headphones an excellent choice for bass lovers.
  • Privacy and Discretion: As the sound is contained within the ear cups, closed-back headphones are ideal for private listening. You can fully immerse yourself in your music without disturbing others around you.
  • Minimal Sound Leakage: Closed-back headphones minimize sound leakage, which means your music won’t bother people sitting nearby. This makes them suitable for shared spaces like libraries or offices.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Closed-Back Headphones

When selecting closed-back headphones, there are a few key factors to keep in mind:

  • Sound Quality: Look for headphones that deliver a balanced sound signature with clear highs, rich mids, and impactful bass. Different headphones have different sound profiles, so choose the one that matches your preferences.
  • Comfort: Since closed-back headphones typically cover your ears, consider the comfort of the ear cups and headband. Look for soft padding and adjustable features to ensure a snug fit without causing discomfort during extended listening sessions.
  • Build Quality: Durability is important, especially if you plan to use the headphones on the go or in challenging environments. Opt for headphones made from high-quality materials that can withstand everyday wear and tear.
  • Connectivity Options: Check if the headphones support wired or wireless connections, depending on your needs. Some models also offer additional features like active noise cancellation or built-in microphones for hands-free calling.
  • Price: Set a budget that suits your requirements. There are closed-back headphones available at various price points, so you can find a pair that offers excellent value for money.

How to Find the Right Fit for Your Needs?

Finding the right closed-back headphones for your needs can be a personal journey. Consider the following steps to make an informed decision:

  1. Identify your priorities: Determine what aspects are most important to you, such as sound quality, comfort, or specific features.
  2. Research and compare models: Read reviews, compare specifications, and seek expert opinions to narrow down your options.
  3. Try before you buy: If possible, visit a store and try out different headphones to see how they feel and sound.
  4. Consider your budget: Set a budget range and look for headphones that offer the best value within that range.
  5. Read user reviews: Real-life experiences from other users can provide valuable insights into the headphones’ performance and durability.

Tips for Maximizing the Performance of Closed-Back Headphones

To optimize your experience with closed-back headphones, consider the following tips:

  • Proper Fit: Ensure the headphones fit snugly on your head and create a good seal around your ears. This enhances noise isolation and improves audio quality.
  • Break-in Period: Some headphones require a break-in period to reach their full potential. Use them regularly to allow the drivers to loosen up and deliver optimal sound.
  • Source Quality: Use high-quality audio sources, such as lossless or high-bitrate files, to fully appreciate the capabilities of your closed-back headphones.
  • Amplification: Depending on the impedance of your headphones, consider using an external headphone amplifier or DAC (digital-to-analog converter) to enhance the audio signal.

Best Closed Back Headphones FAQ

  1. What are closed-back headphones?

    Closed-back headphones are completely sealed in the back, only allowing sound to emit from the section that reaches your ear. They are designed to block out external ambient noise while minimizing sound leakage from the earpieces. 

  2. Who should use closed-back headphones?

    While the music won’t sound as natural as with open back headphones due to their isolating nature, closed-back headphones are ideal for those who commute on subways, trains, or other loud, public places. Most audio professionals like DJs, mixers, and recordists also prefer closed-back headphones for their noise isolation. 

  3. What are the best closed-back headphones?

    I’ve listed out my favourite closed-back headphones at a variety of price points below. Before we get into my list, however, it should be noted that there may be other headphones that would make the list, but for one reason or another we haven’t had the chance to evaluate it yet. This list is therefore subject to change (for example, I haven’t had the opportunity to review the ZMF Closed-backs yet, but maybe when I do they’ll get added). But as of right now, these are my picks for the best closed-back headphones in 2022.

How to Choose the best closed-back headphones for you.

There seems to be a growing trend for manufacturers of monitor speakers to transition sideways into headphones production. Just look at how companies like ADAM Audio, Focal and KRK – all better known for their high-end speaker enclosures – have made it onto this list of the best closed-back headphones, thereby encroaching on the territory of the more established firms such as AKG, Beyerdynamic and Sennheiser.

When buying a pair of closed-back cans for studio work, bear in mind that you could be calling on their services for many years to come, so it’s important to choose some that are comfortable for long periods of wear, durable enough to survive life in and out of the studio and offer, most-importantly, fantastic sound quality.

Studio headphones vs regular headphones – what’s the difference? 

When it comes to monitoring mixes, you want as flat a response curve as possible, meaning that the headphones aren’t adding any extra volume to specific frequency areas. Often, regular ‘hi-fi’ headphones emphasise the bass and treble regions, as this generally makes for a nicer listening experience. If you were to plot this on a graph of volume against frequency, you’d end up with what’s known as a ‘smiley curve’, with a boost in the low and high-frequency regions, and a relative dip in the middle. 

So regular cans aren’t the most suitable for mixing, as they can make your bass and treble sound louder than it actually is. As a result, when you play your mix somewhere else, you’ll find that it sounds dull and lacking in bottom end.

Dedicated studio headphones aim to reproduce all frequencies at an equal volume, giving you an accurate picture of what’s going on in your mix. This enables you to focus on detail, balance out the levels of all frequencies, and more easily correct any problem areas. Studio cans also tend to have beefed-up padding, to both enhance comfort and exclude unwanted sound.

Do you need wired or wireless closed-back headphones? 

Traditionally, studio ‘phones tend to be the hard-wired type, with detachable, interchangeable cables recently becoming the norm. This enables you to change a cable if it breaks, or change cable length and type to suit the scenario – for example, longer, coiled cables offer more freedom of movement when recording (particularly when it comes to recording instruments like guitars or drums), while shorter, straight cables are better for mobile use.

However, many pro headphone manufacturers are now incorporating Bluetooth technology into their studio-based products in an attempt to broaden their appeal. While cutting the cord may seem irresistible, there are one or two caveats. First, there’s the issue of latency. While this isn’t a problem for general leisure listening, a short delay in the sound reaching your cans can introduce timing issues when programming or tracking. There’s also the need for wireless headphones to be recharged every few hours – there’s nothing more frustrating than reaching for your cans mid-session only to find them unresponsive due to an unforeseen lack of juice!

Open-Back vs Closed-Back Headphones

Your choice of going for an open-back or closed-back headphone will depend on several factors. Headphones come in a variety of designs, sizes, and different technologies. However, one thing that affects the sound reproduction in headphones is the design of the earcup. Open or Closed headphones are the most popular headphones earcup designs in the market. A lesser-known design, semi-open-back, tries to bring the best of both closed and open headphones designs. We have an in-depth view of closed vs open headphones on this site. However, let’s go over some quick take away points you should consider.

Over-Ear vs On-Ear vs In-Ear Headphones

Over-ear headphones have larger earcup pads that fully cover the ears. In this article, almost all of the headphones are over-ear models. Over-ear headphones are good if you want a comfortable headphone you can spend time with. Though they are comfortable, some might come off as heavy, but the design is usually to blame if they get uncomfortable.

Some of the heavy Audeze planar headphones are very comfortable to wear because of their headband and overall headphone design. Over-the-ear headphones will also provide better isolation if they are closed-back. The portability of over-ear headphones can be a grey area. Some can be folded into compact designs that make great travel headphones while others are huge and only good for use at home.

On-ear headphones sit on the ear and to be honest, they do not have many advantages over both over-ear and in-ear headphones. However, that is not to say they are a bad choice. If you are looking for a compact headphone good for moving around, on-ear headphones are a good choice. They are good for working out and also for traveling. The comfort of on-ear headphones is subjective and a matter of personal preference. The sound quality of on-ear headphones we have found is largely dependent on the product. However, most on-ear headphones offer sub-par sound.

In-ear headphones can be referred to as earphones, earbuds, IEMs, and even CIEMs. They are a common type of headphone and have the smallest form factor. Because of their size, they are very portable and can easily fit into a pocket. If you do not like something sticking into your ear, the comfort of in-ear headphones is not going to be good for you.

We’ve found some can be very comfortable while others will become painful after a few minutes. Isolation of in-ear headphones is good but will vary depending on the type you choose. The sound of in-ear headphones will also vary depending on the drivers, price range, and the brand. See our best IEMs.

Active Noise Cancelling vs Noise Isolating

Active noise cancellation or ANC is a technology that uses an extra circuitry and microphone in a headphone to cancel background noise. The microphone picks up noise and other unwanted sounds. The sounds are passed through the ANC circuitry that analyzes and generates an opposite wave that cancels out the noise.

Noise isolation is also known as passive noise cancellation and will be dependent on the headphone’s ability to block out noise. The Materials and design of a headphone will influence how effective a headphone will block out ambient noise.

Closed Back Headphones in a Recording Studio

If you are looking for a pair of studio headphones, and your budget is tight, a closed-back headphone offers better versatility compared to an open-back headphone. In this list, the Sennheiser HD 280, which is also one of our best studio headphones, is a headphone we recommend you get. You can also not go wrong by getting the Sony MDR-7506 or the Status Audio CB-1, which is a very budget-friendly studio headphone.

What’s the right cable length?

Unless you’re taking the Bluetooth route, the length of cable attached to your closed-back headphones should be a consideration. For everyday use, a 3m cord might be a bit of a nuisance, whereas in studio applications a longer cord can be useful – if you’re playing an electronic drum set or strumming the guitar while standing up, for example, you may welcome the extra length. 

To address this, many pairs of headphones are now supplied with two or three detachable cables of varying lengths, which can be swapped out to suit the scenario. Coiled cables are generally more versatile for studio use as they’re (literally) more flexible and less prone to tangling than long, straight cables. Due to their excess weight, however, they tend to be less suitable for on-the-go listening, where short, straight cables are preferable.

What frequency response do you need?

With headphones, frequency response relates to the range of sound frequencies they’re able to reproduce. This will normally fall well outside the extremes of human hearing, the upper threshold of which tops off at around 20kHz and reduces further as we get older.

For the purposes of music production, you need to be able to hear crisp, clear detail at even volumes across all frequency ranges, so that you can accurately monitor everything that’s going on in your mix, from low-frequency bass sounds through to high-end details such as vocal reverbs and hi-hats.

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