Widex SmartRIC L-Shaped Long-Lasting Hearing Aid Review

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If you are looking for a hearing aid that combines natural sound quality, directional hearing, and long-lasting performance, you may want to consider the Widex SmartRIC

This is a new receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid that features an innovative L-shaped design that improves microphone angles and enhances speech intelligibility in noisy environments. 

In this blog post, we will review the Widex SmartRIC and its benefits, features, and drawbacks.

What is the Widex SmartRIC?

The Widex SmartRIC is a hearing aid that was launched in February 2024 by Widex, one of the world’s largest hearing aid manufacturers. It is based on the Widex Moment platform, which is known for its fast sound processing and natural sound quality. 

The Widex SmartRIC introduces a new shape for sound, with a distinctive L-shaped curve at the top of the hearing aid. This design elevates the hearing aid on the ear and aligns its dual-microphone system closer to the horizontal plane than traditional RICs. 

This strategic placement allows the directional microphones to better focus on the sounds and voices that the wearer wants to hear, leading to an improved signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and speech clarity, especially in noisy situations.

What are the benefits of the Widex SmartRIC?

The Widex SmartRIC offers several benefits for people with hearing loss, such as:

Natural sound quality

The Widex SmartRIC is built on the Widex PureSound technology, which delivers the fastest sound processing in a digital hearing aid. This eliminates the artificial and tinny sound that is common in other hearing aids, and creates a more natural and true-to-life listening experience. Research also shows that minimizing sound delay leads to a more robust brain signal.

Directional hearing

The Widex SmartRIC enhances directional hearing abilities by optimizing the microphone angles. The L-shaped design places the microphones higher up on the ear and closer to the horizontal plane, which enables them to align with the wearer’s focus. 

This results in a better SNR and speech intelligibility in noisy environments, such as restaurants, parties, or meetings. The Widex SmartRIC also applies directionality and noise reduction in specific situations where the wearer needs extra support.

Long-lasting performance

The Widex SmartRIC is the company’s longest-lasting rechargeable RIC hearing aid, providing up to 37 hours of continuous use on a single charge. It also comes with a fast-charging case, which can fully charge the hearing aids in four hours, or add eight hours of use with a 30-minute quick charge. The case is compact and portable, offering five full charges and fitting easily into a pocket or a small bag. This gives the wearer more convenience, mobility, and peace of mind.

What are the features of the Widex SmartRIC?

The Widex SmartRIC has several features that make it a powerful and versatile hearing aid, such as:

Five premium color options

The Widex SmartRIC is available in five attractive colors, namely black, silver, beige, brown, and dark brown. The wearer can choose the color that matches their preference and style.

Newly designed microphone inlets

The Widex SmartRIC has new microphone inlets that reduce wind and touch noise, making outdoor and physical activities more comfortable and natural.

Bluetooth connectivity

The Widex SmartRIC can connect wirelessly to smartphones, tablets, computers, and other devices via Bluetooth. This allows the wearer to stream phone calls, music, podcasts, and other audio directly to their hearing aids. The Widex SmartRIC is also compatible with the Widex app, which lets the wearer adjust the volume, programs, and settings of their hearing aids from their smartphone.

Tinnitus management

The Widex SmartRIC has a built-in tinnitus masker, which generates soothing sounds to help the wearer cope with tinnitus, or ringing in the ears. The wearer can choose from different sound options, such as ocean waves, rainfall, or white noise, and customize them to their preference.

What are the drawbacks of the Widex SmartRIC?

The Widex SmartRIC is not without its drawbacks, such as:

High price

The Widex SmartRIC is one of the most expensive hearing aids on the market, costing around $3,000 to $4,000 per device. This may be out of reach for many people, especially since hearing aids are not covered by most insurance plans. The wearer may also need to pay extra for accessories, such as the charging case or the remote control.

Limited compatibility

The Widex SmartRIC is only compatible with iOS devices, such as iPhones and iPads. This means that Android users will not be able to stream audio or use the app with their hearing aids. They will need to purchase a separate device, such as the Widex COM-DEX, to connect their hearing aids to their Android devices.

Potential feedback

The Widex SmartRIC is a RIC hearing aid, which means that the speaker is placed in the ear canal, while the microphone and battery are behind the ear. This design may cause feedback, or whistling, if the speaker is not fitted properly or if there is too much wax or moisture in the ear. The wearer may need to visit their audiologist regularly to ensure a proper fit and to clean their hearing aids.


The Widex SmartRIC is a new hearing aid that offers natural sound quality, directional hearing, and long-lasting performance. It has an innovative L-shaped design that improves microphone angles and enhances speech intelligibility in noisy environments. It also has several features, such as Bluetooth connectivity, tinnitus management, and fast-charging case, that make it a powerful and versatile device. 

However, the Widex SmartRIC is also very expensive, and may not be compatible with all devices or suitable for all hearing needs. Therefore, it is important to consult with an audiologist before purchasing the Widex SmartRIC, and to compare it with other hearing aids on the market.


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