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If you are looking for a wireless speaker that can deliver amazing sound quality, design, and connectivity, you might want to check out the Audio Pro C20. This is the new flagship speaker from the Swedish company that has been making high-quality audio products since 1978. The C20 is part of the C-Series, which also includes the smaller C10 and C5 models. 

In this review, we will take a closer look at the features, performance, and design of the C20, and see if it lives up to its promise of being the ultimate wireless speaker for music and TV.

Features and Connectivity

The C20 is a versatile speaker that can play music from various sources and devices. It supports streaming services like Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, and Amazon Music, as well as Airplay 2, Google Cast, and Bluetooth. You can also connect it to your TV via the ARC optical input, or to your turntable via the MM phono stage. The speaker has a built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet port, as well as a USB port for charging your devices. You can control the speaker with the Audio Pro app, the included remote, or the touch buttons on the top panel.

One of the best features of the C20 is its multi-room capability. You can pair it with other Audio Pro speakers, such as the Addon T3 or the C10, and create a seamless sound system throughout your home. You can also re-stream audio playing on the C20 to other speakers in your house, which is a nice touch. You can play different music in different rooms, or sync them all together for a party mode. The app lets you easily group and ungroup speakers, adjust the volume, and choose the source.

Performance and Sound Quality

The C20 is a powerful speaker that can fill a large room with rich and detailed sound. It has a total output of 190W, with two 25mm tweeters and a 16.5cm woofer. The speaker has a frequency range of 45Hz to 22kHz, and a signal-to-noise ratio of 92dB. The sound is well-balanced, with clear highs, warm mids, and deep bass. The speaker can handle various genres of music, from classical to rock, with ease and accuracy. The soundstage is wide and immersive, with good separation and imaging.

The C20 also works well as a soundbar for your TV. It can enhance the dialogue, effects, and music of your movies and shows, with crisp and dynamic sound. The ARC optical input allows you to control the volume with your TV remote, which is convenient. The speaker also supports Dolby Digital and DTS formats, for a more cinematic experience. If you want more bass, you can add a subwoofer, such as the Audio Pro SW-10, to the speaker via the sub output.

Design and Aesthetics

The C20 is a beautiful speaker that will complement any interior. It has a minimalist and elegant design, with clean lines and crisp edges. The speaker is made of MDF wood, with a satin finish in white, grey, or black. The front panel is covered with a removable woven fabric, which can be easily swapped with other colors thanks to the magnetic fixings. The speaker measures 196 x 410 x 220mm, and weighs 7.5kg. It has rubber feet to prevent vibrations, and a metal handle on the back for easy carrying.

The C20 has a simple and intuitive interface, with a LED display on the front that shows the source, volume, and status. The top panel has touch buttons for power, source, volume, play/pause, and preset. The preset button lets you access your favorite radio stations or playlists with one touch. The back panel has the inputs and outputs, as well as a bass reflex port. The speaker comes with a sleek and ergonomic remote, which has the same functions as the touch buttons, plus a mute and a night mode. The night mode reduces the bass and enhances the dialogue, for a more comfortable listening at low volumes.


The Audio Pro C20 is a great wireless speaker that offers a lot of features, performance, and design. It can play music from various sources and devices, and connect to other Audio Pro speakers for a multi-room system. It can also double as a soundbar for your TV, and deliver a cinematic sound. The speaker has a beautiful and minimalist design, with a removable fabric front panel that can be customized. 

The speaker is easy to use and control, with the app, the remote, or the touch buttons. The sound quality is amazing, with a well-balanced, rich, and detailed sound. The speaker can handle any genre of music, and fill a large room with sound. The C20 is a speaker that will please both your ears and your eyes, and make your home a more enjoyable place to be.


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