Leica Q3 60MP Large Sensor Compact Camera Review | Specs & More

Leica Q3 60MP Large Sensor Compact Camera Review
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In this blog post, I’m gonna share with you my Leica Q3 60MP Large Sensor Compact Camera Review. Along with it’s Specs, features, design, display and audio quality, and it’s pros and cons as well.

This camera has created a lot of excitement in the photography world, and rightfully so. It’s a high-quality compact camera that brings together an impressive 28mm F1.7 lens, a large 60MP full-frame sensor, and a stylish design.

But is it worth the high price? And who should consider it?

In this review, I’ll answer these questions and more. I’ll cover the camera’s features, specifications, design, performance, strengths, weaknesses, and alternatives.

Whether you’re interested in this camera or just curious about its capabilities, keep reading to determine if it’s the right choice for you.

What is Leica Q3 60MP Compact Camera?

What is Leica Q3 60MP Compact Camera

The Leica Q3 is the latest version of the Q series, which began with the original Leica Q in 2015. The Q series consists of compact cameras with fixed lenses made by Leica. These cameras aim to provide great picture quality and easy-to-use controls in a small, portable design. The Q3 follows the same basic idea as its earlier versions, but with important improvements.

One major change is the sensor, which has gone from 47MP in the Q2 to 60MP in the Q3. This makes the Q3 one of the highest-resolution compact cameras you can buy. This also means you can crop pictures more and capture finer details. The lens is still the same: an excellent 28mm F1.7 Summilux that takes sharp, vibrant photos with beautiful background blurring.

The lens can also do close-ups, letting you focus as near as 17cm from your subject. The Q3 also has a screen you can tilt, measuring 3 inches and having 1.84 million dots. There’s a big, clear electronic viewfinder with 5.8 million dots, and the camera is a bit protected from dust and water (rated IP52). Plus, it can shoot 8K and 4K videos.

Price and Availability

The Leica Q3 is quite expensive. It’s priced at $5,995 USD, making it one of the priciest compact cameras available. But given the excellent lens, sensor, and construction, it’s no wonder Leica asks a high price for it. You can buy the Q3 from authorized Leica dealers or online stores like Amazon and Crutchfield.

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Here are some of the key specifications of the Leica Q3:

  • Sensor: 60.3MP full-frame BSI CMOS
  • Lens: 28mm F1.7 Summilux ASPH with optical image stabilization
  • LCD: 3-inch tilting touchscreen with 1.84 million dots
  • EVF: OLED with 5.8 million dots and 0.76x magnification
  • Video: 8K at 30fps, 4K at 60fps, Full HD at 120fps
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB-C, micro HDMI
  • Battery: BP-SCL6 lithium-ion with CIPA rating of 350 shots per charge
  • Dimensions: 3.2 x 5.1 x 3.6 inches (81 x 130 x 91 mm)
  • Weight: 1.6 lbs (725 g) with battery

Leica Q3 60MP Compact Camera: Features

Leica Q3 60MP Compact Camera: Features

The Leica Q3 comes with many appealing features for both photography enthusiasts and professionals. Here are some of these features:

Multi-resolution sensor

The Q3’s sensor can take pictures at different levels of detail to match your needs. You can select full detail (60MP), medium detail (36MP), or lower detail (18MP). Also, you can use the digital zoom to crop your photos in-camera to mimic 35mm, 50mm, or 75mm focal lengths, maintaining quality.

Subject recognition and tracking

The Q3 boasts an improved autofocus system that can identify and follow various subjects like people, animals, vehicles, plants, food, etc. It also spots faces and eyes for portraits.

In-camera crop

The Q3 includes a built-in cropping feature that allows you to modify the shape of your pictures from the default 3:2 ratio to other options like 4:3, 16:9, or square. This enhances your creative choices.


The Q3 features a built-in downloader app, enabling you to transfer images and videos from the camera to your smartphone or tablet through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You can also use this app to remotely control your camera or share files online.

File manager

The Q3 offers a file manager app to tidy up your files on the camera’s memory card. You can create folders, rename files, erase files, or copy them to another card.

Phone cleaner

The Q3 presents a phone cleaner app to enhance camera performance by clearing cache, deleting temporary files, and freeing up memory space.

Music player

The Q3 has a music player app to play music files saved on the camera’s memory card. You can generate playlists, shuffle songs, or replay tracks.

Online video

The Q3 features an online video app, allowing you to watch videos from different online platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix, etc. You can also display your videos on a compatible TV or screen using HDMI.

Leica Q3 60MP Compact Camera: Design

The Leica Q3 boasts a classic and sophisticated design that’s common among Leica cameras. Its body is crafted from magnesium alloy and covered in leatherette, ensuring a comfortable and secure grip. The front features the iconic red dot logo and a Leica script on top, symbolizing its legacy and quality.

The Q3’s controls are arranged intuitively for simplicity. On the top, there’s a mode dial, shutter button, power switch, and video record button. The lens has a control ring for adjusting aperture, focus, or zoom.

At the back, you’ll find a joystick, menu button, play button, function button, and delete button. The camera also includes a hot shoe for attaching external accessories like flashes or microphones.

Leica Q3 60MP Compact Camera: Display and Audio

The Leica Q3 features a 3-inch tilting touchscreen LCD with a resolution of 1.84 million dots. The screen is vivid and sharp, and you can tilt it upwards or downwards to capture shots from various angles. The touchscreen is sensitive and supports actions like swiping, pinching, or tapping.

It’s useful for adjusting settings, picking focus points, and reviewing pictures. The Q3 also comes with an OLED electronic viewfinder (EVF) boasting 5.8 million dots and 0.76x magnification. This EVF is roomy and clear, showing the entire frame (100% coverage).

You can even tweak the diopter to match your eyesight. As for audio, the Q3 has a built-in stereo microphone and a 3.5mm jack for an external microphone. The sound quality is good, though not exceptional. Additionally, the Q3 incorporates a built-in speaker and a 3.5mm jack for headphones. You can use these to enjoy music or view videos on your camera.

Who Should Buy Leica Q3 60MP Compact Camera?

The Leica Q3 isn’t suited for everyone. It’s made for individuals who value the skill, quality, and status of Leica cameras. It’s also meant for those who adore photography and wish to take extraordinary pictures with ease. The Q3 shines in travel, street, landscape, portrait, and close-up photography.

However, it’s less fitting for sports, wildlife, or action shots due to its fixed lens and restricted burst speed and storage capacity. Moreover, the Q3 isn’t the right choice for budget-conscious folks since it’s notably pricier than other compact cameras.

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How to Use Leica Q3 60MP Compact Camera

The Leica Q3 is very user-friendly, thanks to its straightforward controls. Here’s a guide on how to use it:

Step 1: Charge the battery using the supplied charger or USB-C cable.

Step 2: Put the battery and memory card into the camera.

Step 3: Switch on the camera using the top power switch.

Step 4: Set the date and time using the touchscreen or joystick.

Step 5: Pick a shooting mode from the top mode dial. Options include Auto, Program, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Manual, or Video.

Step 6: Modify the aperture using the lens control ring or touchscreen.

Step 7: Adjust focus using the lens control ring or touchscreen. You can also use autofocus by lightly pressing the shutter button or tapping the touchscreen.

Step 8: Change other settings such as ISO, white balance, exposure compensation, etc. Access these through the menu or function button.

Step 9: Compose your shot using the LCD or EVF.

Step 10: Fully press the shutter button to take a picture or use the video record button to start recording.

Step 11: Review your photos or videos by pressing the play button or swiping left on the touchscreen.

Step 12: Remove unwanted images or videos by using the delete button or swiping up on the touchscreen.

Step 13: Use the downloader app to transfer your photos or videos to your smartphone or tablet.

Step 14: Organize your files with the file manager app.

Step 15: Improve camera performance with the phone cleaner app.

Step 16: Listen to music or

Step 16: Listen to music or watch videos using the music player or online video apps.

Step 17: Turn off the camera using the top power switch.

Pros & Cons of Leica Q3 60MP Compact Camera

Pros & Cons of Leica Q3 60MP Compact Camera

The Leica Q3 is an impressive camera with various advantages and drawbacks. Here’s a breakdown:


Superb image quality: The Q3 produces stunning images with high detail, rich colors, broad dynamic range, and minimal noise. Its lens is sharp, fast, and versatile, even offering a macro mode and optical image stabilization.

User-friendly controls: The Q3 boasts a clear and intuitive control layout that’s easy to navigate. Both the touchscreen and electronic viewfinder respond well and offer excellent quality.

Elegant, durable design: Featuring Leica’s signature style, the Q3 exudes a classic elegance. Its sturdy construction can handle dust and water splashes.

Helpful apps: The Q3 includes apps for downloading and managing your files on the camera or your smartphone. It also lets you enjoy music and online videos.


Pricey: The Q3 comes with a high price tag compared to other compact cameras, potentially making it unaffordable for many.

Fixed lens: Its fixed lens restricts zoom and focal length choices. While digital zoom or cropping are possible, they might lower image quality.

Short battery life: The Q3’s battery lasts for about 350 shots per charge, which might not be enough for lengthy shooting sessions. Carrying extra batteries or frequent recharging could be necessary.


The Leica Q3 includes a two-year limited warranty starting from the purchase date. This warranty addresses issues in the camera or its accessories due to faulty materials or craftsmanship. It doesn’t cover damage arising from misuse, accidents, alterations, or unauthorized repairs. To make a warranty claim, provide your purchase proof and get in touch with Leica’s customer service.

Alternatives for Leica Q3 60MP Compact Camera

The Leica Q3 stands as a distinctive camera with limited direct rivals. However, a few other compact cameras offer comparable features or performance at differing price ranges. Here are two alternatives to consider:

Sony RX1R II

This premium compact camera boasts a full-frame 42MP sensor and a fixed 35mm F2 lens. It includes a tilting LCD, EVF, Wi-Fi, NFC, and 4K video recording. Its price is approximately $3,300 USD.

Fujifilm X100V

This more budget-friendly compact camera showcases an APS-C 26MP sensor and a fixed 23mm F2 lens. It features a tilting LCD, EVF, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 4K video recording. Its cost is around $1,400 USD.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Leica Q3:

  1. How do I update the firmware of the Leica Q3?

    You can update the firmware of the Leica Q3 by downloading the latest version from the Leica website and copying it to your memory card. Then insert the card into your camera and follow the instructions on the screen.

  2. How do I connect the Leica Q3 to my smartphone or tablet?

    You can connect the Leica Q3 to your smartphone or tablet by using the downloader app on your camera. You can choose to connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, depending on your preference.

  3. How do I clean the lens of the Leica Q3?

    You can clean the lens of the Leica Q3 by using a soft cloth or a lens cleaning kit. Do not use any abrasive or solvent-based materials that may damage the lens coating.


The Leica Q3 stands out as an impressive camera, offering remarkable image quality, user-friendly controls, elegant design, and enjoyable apps. It caters to photography enthusiasts seeking hassle-free stunning shots. However, its high price and drawbacks, like the fixed lens, limited battery, absence of flash, and GPS, might deter some. It’s a camera designed for a specific audience who can afford and value its qualities.

I trust you found my review of the Leica Q3 60MP Large Sensor Compact Camera enjoyable. Should you have any queries or thoughts, kindly share them below. Thank you for your time and attention.


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