Exploring Fujifilm’s Instax Pal Review: A Camera with a Twist

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In the realm of photography, Fujifilm is a name synonymous with innovation and diversity. Just when we thought we’d seen it all with the launch of the GFX100 II, a 100MP powerhouse catering to professional photographers, Fujifilm surprises us once again. This time, the spotlight is on the Instax Pal, a diminutive camera that sets its sights on an entirely different audience: teenagers.

A Glimpse of Cuteness

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to capture memories with a camera that resembles a cartoon mouse, wonder no more. The Instax Pal is an embodiment of adorableness, with its tiny form factor, roughly equivalent to an earbud charging case, and a design that includes a charming tail. While some may argue that it’s a tad too twee for the 13-and-up demographic it’s marketed towards, parents might discern the practicality of gifting one to their older elementary and middle schoolers who aren’t quite ready for a smartphone of their own.

The Instax Pal in Detail

Cameras come in an assortment of shapes and sizes, but the Instax Pal stands out as a unique offering in Fujifilm’s lineup. Crafted entirely from plastic, it boasts rounded edges and a strap that extends from the side. Though too narrow for an adult wrist, it fits comfortably on early elementary students. The camera features a prominent lens and a minimalist interface with only two buttons, one for power on the top and the shutter release on the rear.

Fujifilm has taken an interesting approach by not offering the Pal as a standalone product. Instead, it comes bundled with the Mini Link 2 printer, a product that Fujifilm introduced last year. The Mini Link 2 printer is designed to transform your smartphone photos into Instax Mini film prints. Unlike inkjet or dye sublimation processes, Instax Mini film relies on a chemical film format, resulting in prints that bear a striking resemblance to instant photos. You have the option to purchase the printer separately for approximately $100 or invest in the bundle, which pairs it with the Instax Pal for $199.95.

Seamless Connectivity


The Instax Pal seamlessly integrates with your smartphone via the Instax Pal app, available for both Android and iPhone. This app not only facilitates photo transfers for printing but also provides a suite of editing tools. Additionally, it serves as a viewfinder for the camera. While using the live view feature enhances the quality of your photos, it’s worth noting that the Bluetooth connection can introduce some lag, resulting in a less-than-optimal preview experience.

In cases where the app isn’t used, users are left to rely on their intuition to frame shots, as the camera lacks a built-in viewfinder. Fujifilm has thoughtfully included a finger clip that attaches to the top of the camera and doubles as a makeshift viewfinder, offering a rough approximation of what the lens sees. With a moderate wide-angle lens (28mm) that aligns with most smartphone cameras, capturing subjects is a straightforward process—simply aim the camera and press the shutter button.

Smartphone App and Direct Printing

The Pal app, while feature-rich, doesn’t handle printing on its own. To operate the printer, you’ll need to install the Mini Link app. This pairing allows you to print photos with not only the Mini Link printer but also the Square Link, Link Wide, and Mini Evo.

Direct printing is a user-friendly option that enables you to make prints without the need for a connected smartphone. By shifting the mode switch on the camera’s bottom from “F” (for fun) to “L” for Link mode, you can initiate direct printing. Power on both the Pal and the printer, place them in close proximity, and you’ll observe green lights flashing and hear a series of beeps.

Take a snapshot, and the Pal seamlessly transmits the image to the printer, indicated by a flashing purple light on the camera. However, it’s important to note that re-printing these photos at a later time isn’t a straightforward process, as there’s no direct import function into the Pal app. You can always transfer files to your smartphone and print them through the printer app, although this method involves extra steps.

Picture Perfect?

In terms of image quality, the Instax Pal has its limitations. Equipped with a 5MP sensor, its photos tend to exhibit noise and lack fine detail. While the LED flash provides illumination, it struggles to handle scenes with low light, resulting in harsh highlights for close-ups and a deer-in-the-headlights effect in dimly lit environments. Nevertheless, the camera shines when capturing well-lit scenes with even lighting. The prints, despite the camera’s limitations, offer a more appealing aesthetic compared to on-screen photos, albeit with some color noise evident in certain situations, a trait absent in analog Instax cameras like the Mini 12.

Features and Functionality

The Instax Pal boasts internal memory capable of storing approximately 50 photos, with the option to expand storage using microSD cards for those seeking additional space. Furthermore, it includes a standard tripod socket at the bottom and a USB-C port for charging, ensuring convenience and versatility in its use. On a slightly frustrating note, the Mini Link 2 printer relies on an older-style micro USB port for charging, a departure from the USB-C trend.

The Target Audience

It’s apparent that the Instax Pal has been positioned for a teenage audience. Fujifilm has been clear in its messaging, specifying that the Pal is intended for kids aged 13 and above. While this choice might seem perplexing, considering that high schoolers typically possess smartphones equipped with better cameras, it ultimately falls to parents to determine when their child is ready for a smartphone. Most teenagers today already carry an iPhone or Galaxy device from the past five years, offering superior photographic capabilities that are compatible with the Mini Link printer.

The Instax Pal finds its true calling with younger kids. Its whimsical design and straightforward two-button interface make it an excellent choice for kids who express an interest in photography. Parents can confidently hand it over to their little ones, allowing them to capture moments while providing necessary supervision. Additionally, the ability to print photos serves as a delightful incentive, enabling children to display their creations proudly on the refrigerator.

The Price Consideration

However, the price of the Instax Pal raises some valid concerns. Fujifilm has chosen to bundle the camera exclusively with the Mini Link 2 printer, resulting in a $199.95 price tag for parents. While the Pal camera is compact and portable, its pricing doesn’t necessarily align with its potential to get lost or damaged. It remains to be seen whether Fujifilm will alter its approach and offer the Pal as a standalone product. For now, it’s only available in conjunction with the Mini Link 2. The bundle, set to hit the market next month, includes a starter pack of film and a DIY Idea Booklet for added creativity.

Instax Pal Bundle

A Splash of Color

In addition to the Instax Pal, Fujifilm is introducing a new limited-edition Mini film, Soft Lavender, slated for release next month. This special color film features a light purple border that’s conducive to writing, in contrast to the standard white plastic border. Priced at $15.75 for a pack of 10 photos, Soft Lavender offers a touch of uniqueness for those seeking an extra dash of creativity in their instant prints.

Final Thoughts

The Fujifilm Instax Pal, with its distinctive design and youthful appeal, has carved a niche for itself in the world of instant photography. While it may not cater to the high school demographic, it holds undeniable charm for younger kids exploring the realm of photography. Parents can weigh the merits of introducing their children to the world of photography with this delightful camera, which comes bundled with the Mini Link 2 printer, ensuring endless opportunities for creative expression.

However, the price point may give some pause, as it positions the Pal as a somewhat extravagant choice for parents. Fujifilm’s decision to target teenagers with the Pal might raise eyebrows, but its true potential shines when placed in the hands of budding young photographers.

In summary, the Fujifilm Instax Pal is a whimsical and innovative addition to the world of instant photography, offering a unique and delightful experience for both kids and adults alike.


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