Best DSLR Cameras For Beginners

The 4 Best DSLR Cameras For Beginners Of 2022 [Buyer’s Guide]

If you’re looking for the Best DSLR Cameras For Beginners you can buy in (Summer) 2022, which is affordable, high quality and better performance, then you’re in the right place. In this guide, I have listed down the Best DSLR Cameras For Beginners in 2022.

We made this list based on our own opinion, research, and customer reviews. We’ve considered their quality, features, and values when narrowing down the best choices possible.

Best DSLR Cameras For Beginners in 2022

So, here are the Best DSLR Cameras For Beginners Of 2022. If you want more information and updated pricing on the products mentioned, be sure to check the links in each product we mentioned.

#1. Canon EOS Rebel T8i

Canon EOS Rebel T8i: Best DSLR Cameras For Beginners
Canon EOS Rebel T8i

The best beginner DSLR that we’ve tested is the Canon EOS Rebel T8i. This entry-level DSLR uses an APS-C sensor and feels very comfortable to shoot with. It’s a good option for beginners, thanks to its intuitive menu system, which includes a guide mode to explain certain settings and features to new users. It’s compatible with any of Canon’s EF and EF-S lenses, so you can easily upgrade lenses as your skill grows.

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The camera has a fully articulated touchscreen that makes it easier to compose shots from different angles or take selfies and vlogs. It also has a fairly large optical viewfinder. It delivers very good image quality overall, with decent noise handling capability at higher ISO levels, meaning it’s fairly well-suited to shooting in more dimly-lit conditions. It also has a superb autofocus system with 45 advertised detection points, and it does an excellent job of tracking moving subjects.

#2. Nikon D5600

Nikon D5600: Best DSLR Cameras For Beginners
Nikon D5600

The Nikon D5600 is the best beginner DSLR camera for travel photography that we’ve tested. It’s one of the more portable DSLRs we’ve tested, with a relatively small and lightweight body. Though it doesn’t support USB charging, it also has an exceptional battery life that’s advertised to last for approximately 970 photos depending on your shooting habits, so it’s a great choice for traveling or long days on the go.

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This camera uses a 24-megapixel APS-C sensor, yielding great overall image quality. Photos have excellent dynamic range to bring out more details in highlights and shadows, great for landscape shots and high-contrast scenes. It also feels comfortable to shoot with, and its simple control scheme and easy-to-use menu system are great for beginner photographers. On top of that, it has a fully articulated screen that makes it easier to shoot from unconventional angles, take selfies, or film travel vlogs.

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#3. Canon EOS Rebel SL3

Canon EOS Rebel SL3: Best DSLR Cameras For Beginners
Canon EOS Rebel SL3

If you want to record videos, the best DSLR camera for beginners is the Canon EOS Rebel SL3. This crop-sensor DSLR delivers decent FHD video quality out-of-the-box, particularly in well-lit environments. Its autofocus system does an exceptionally good job of tracking moving subjects in FHD, even as they move in and out of frame.

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This camera has an exceptionally intuitive menu system that you can easily navigate with either its physical controls or by tapping on its sharp, bright, fully-articulated touchscreen. There’s even a guide mode to explain some core features. The camera itself is comfortable to use for extended periods thanks to its large handgrip and relatively lightweight, compact construction. It also has a wide variety of ports and inputs, with a dedicated microphone and headphone jacks and a clean HDMI feature for using an external recorder without any overlays getting in the way.

#4. Nikon D3500

Nikon D3500: Best DSLR Cameras For Beginners
Nikon D3500

If you’re completely new to photography, we recommend the Nikon D3500. This entry-level DSLR has a unique ‘Guide’ shooting mode built into its mode dial. This mode is perfect for beginners as it gives you a thorough walkthrough of the camera’s features and the basics of photography. It’s also one of the lightest DSLRs we’ve tested, so it’s easy to take on the go and carry around for longer periods.

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Inside is a 24.2-megapixel APS-C sensor, and the camera is compatible with both Nikon DX and FX lenses, giving you a wide variety to choose from as your skills grow. It delivers impressive image quality out of the box, with a wide dynamic range at its base ISO and accurate colors. It also has good noise handling when shooting in JPEG, so photos look okay at moderate ISO levels in low light. The camera also has an exceptional battery life that can last for days, depending on your usage habits.

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